Digital Inclusion and Health Inequalities

In this episode we are joined by Leah (Founder of PeerMed Foundation). We discuss the relationship between digital inclusion and health inequalities. Peer Med Foundation is a youth-led international not-for-profit organization. Through health advocacy, research and education, the Peer Med Foundation is committed to raising voices for marginalized patient populations (Migrants, 2SLGBTQIA+, BIPOC & more).Continue reading “Digital Inclusion and Health Inequalities”

From Global Health to Human Rights: Impala Global, Ensuring Technology is at the Forefront of Innovation

Peer Med by Leah Sarah Peer welcomes Co-Founders of Impala Global, Maud Kadye & Tafadzwa Kadye to speak about their organization. As an independent Think Tank, this episode dives into the work the organization does in conducting using research to develop and strengthen the human rights and global health frameworks within tech. Acknowledging that disciplinesContinue reading “From Global Health to Human Rights: Impala Global, Ensuring Technology is at the Forefront of Innovation”

Disinformation in the Digital Age

In this episode, we are joined by Isabella Garcia. We discuss the human rights/global health issues raised by disinformation in the digital age, including covid, vaccinations, the right to vote, and the role of governments and tech companies.

Black Lives Matter: Freedom of Speech vs Hate Speech

In this podcast we are joined by a special guest Ruth Strachan. We discuss the black lives matter movement, the importance of active allieship and, the impact of freedom of speech and hate speech on the black lives matter movement (Click here to listen)

Black Lives Matter

We discuss the Black Lives Matter Movement, what it means to us and give our views racism, inequality and the need for change. (Click here to listen)

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