The importance of digital inclusion in healthcare & education

by Ole Ho Christiansen The right to health is a basic human right that is recognized by almost all global and regional human rights instruments (Majid, 2020). It covers physical, mental and social well-being. It requires that access to health care is non-discriminatory and accessible (Majid, 2020). Therefore, it is concerning to see the currentContinue reading “The importance of digital inclusion in healthcare & education”

Digital Ageism and Health Equality

by Freya Graham In March, Health Secretary Matt Hancock made a confession: ‘I’m a tech geek’. In the same speech, given at the Digital Health Rewired Festival, Hancock laid out his plans for a tech-driven future for the NHS. Praising ‘the power of technology’, he said that “digital technologies are not a bolt-on, or aContinue reading “Digital Ageism and Health Equality”