Predictive Policing: Is It Biased?

By Freya Graham It’s an action movie trope that everyone’s familiar with — a brazen police officer orundercover spy is entrusted with a host of gadgets and gizmos to help them fight crime.Often, it borders on the ridiculous — anyone remember the exploding chewing gum inMission: Impossible? Sophisticated police technology is no longer the remitContinue reading “Predictive Policing: Is It Biased?”

Predictive Policing & The Right to Non-Discrimination

By Samuel Hoar Predictive Policing  Derek Chauvin’s murder of George Floyd on 25 May 2020 sparked a wave of global protests against  police racial discrimination and broader racial inequalities. In this light, concerns about the practice  of predictive policing have gathered momentum and received greater public attention. This piece  evaluates the supposed benefits of predictiveContinue reading “Predictive Policing & The Right to Non-Discrimination”