Digital Inclusion and Health Inequalities

In this episode we are joined by Leah (Founder of The Peer Medical Foundation). We discuss the relationship between digital inclusion and health inequalities. The Peer Medical Foundation is a volunteer youth-led international not-for-profit committed to improving health equity, inclusivity, diversity and racial justice in medicine. We support marginalized patient populations (Migrants, 2SLGBTQIA+, BIPOC & more) and hopeContinue reading “Digital Inclusion and Health Inequalities”

The importance of digital inclusion in healthcare & education

by Ole Ho Christiansen The right to health is a basic human right that is recognized by almost all global and regional human rights instruments (Majid, 2020). It covers physical, mental and social well-being. It requires that access to health care is non-discriminatory and accessible (Majid, 2020). Therefore, it is concerning to see the currentContinue reading “The importance of digital inclusion in healthcare & education”

Digital Ageism and Health Equality

by Freya Graham In March, Health Secretary Matt Hancock made a confession: ‘I’m a tech geek’. In the same speech, given at the Digital Health Rewired Festival, Hancock laid out his plans for a tech-driven future for the NHS. Praising ‘the power of technology’, he said that “digital technologies are not a bolt-on, or aContinue reading “Digital Ageism and Health Equality”

Understanding ‘digital inclusion’

by Ole Ho Christiansen After a year in lockdown most of us are used to living most of our life online. Classes are taught remotely and work is done through Zoom. It can be hard to imagine what life would be like without it. But some people do not have easy access to the internet.Continue reading “Understanding ‘digital inclusion’”