Black Lives Matter – What can you do?

Black lives matter

A number of #blacklivesmatter protests have taken place recently all over the world following the death of George Flyod in the United States. Although the #blacklivesmatter movement began in 2013, racism has continued to exist in society in various ways. Racism is a core human rights issue and, as this uprising gains momentum, you may be asking yourself about what you can do. Here, we provide you with top tips on how you can engage in the activism for the #blacklivesmatter movement:

Educate yourself and others

In order to really understand the significance of the #blacklivesmatter movement and racism, you need to educate yourself on these areas i.e. What sparked the #blacklivesmatter movement? Why is it important? What is the history of racism? How does this still exist in 2020?

There is an abundance of resources (thank you internet!) which you can turn to and empower yourself with the right knowledge. Once you have that knowledge, you can use it as a tool for activism for the movement.


You can donate towards the #blacklivesmatter movement through their website. Examples of what donations can be used for include running costs (staff, office space etc…), campaigns, supplies, governance costs (accounting, auditing). 

Post post post on social media

In this age of the internet, most people are online and get their information online. The internet is a great tool to increase awareness. You can share information about the #blacklivesmatter movement on your social platforms to show support and raise awareness amongst your family, friends and followers. Who knows, maybe through this you will be able to change someone’s mind. Posting on social media may also help the movement to gain more followers and encourage others to engage in the movement.


There are still economic disparities amongst black people and white people. The financial times reported that ‘black income is just over half that of white households’ in the United States. In the United Kingdom, the Office of National Statistics outlined that ‘Employees in the Black African, Caribbean or Black British, Other and White Other ethnic groups on average earned 5% to 10% less than their White British counterparts between 2012 and 2018’.

Businesses have a big part to play and contribute towards these economic disparities. You can take a stand against this by boycotting businesses who have not taken steps to support the movement by: only spending your money towards black owned businesses and businesses that support the movement. Here are the retailers going beyond solidarity for Black Lives Matter.


Petitioning is one of the easiest but effective way to gain support for the movement. There are many online platforms that can provide you with tools to start a petition (Google Docs, ipetitions, You can share your petition on your social media networks or this can be done in your community and forwarded to your local MP for example.

Join the protests (if you feel safe to do so)

Protesting is a way to empower people to stand in solidarity for the movement. Protesting can be effective is sparking a debate over the issues concerning black people and can be the catalyst for changing history.

If you would like to protest there are number of guidelines on how to stay safe while doing so – here is an example from Amnesty International

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